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The Lacour family in need!

Sophia 16 years old and her 4 week old daughter Anastasia in need! And Detmold again - another case. One after the other. German youth welfare is losing all of his self-control. And now also reports from the area by Weserbergland and Hameln also district by Holzminden ( landkreis Holzminden). The same actors, the same methods of "helping" and "rescuing". 500 babies, children and adolescents disappear into the helper system every day in Deutschland, Östereich and Switzerland. The biggest "saviors" and "helpers" are the church groups Diakonie and Caritas

"AUTOBUMSER" in child and youth welfare in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

("Autobumser" are criminals "Car Crasher", who abuse the applicable laws and regulations to commit the most serious of crimes)

Comply with applicable laws and still commit the most serious crimes such as forging documents, lying and cheating in front of the police and court? Blackmail and witness intimidate, threaten and act like a con artist with no problems? Is ths possible? In Germany? In Austria and Switzerland?

Of course it´s actually very good possible. It works wherever you want if you are a member of youth welfare institutions ( Jugendwohlfahrt / Jugendamt / Freie Träger ) and that with ease, because these people are covered by the state. State, that means courts, public prosecutors, police and other government agencies. Even if these people are caught lying and cheating, nothing will happen to them. Even if children and parents are wrongly taken in court because of lies and cheating - nothing happens to the perpetrators. No way! That is Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The reason is simple: In all 3 countries are the same corporations bribed politicians and drafted laws in their favor.

Do you know Autobumser? These are criminals who apply simple traffic rules in such a way that they can derive considerable advantages and benefits. They almost always succeed in winning the case. Not even the police or the courts can do anything when it crashes. Because the rule “right before left” applies.

So it's about "rules" and "laws" ... What kind of unscrupulous types are those who give other road users the right of way by waving and then accelerate? How does this happen? The criminal types who lie in wait for someone to take the right of way or you give the right of way with a show of hands and accelerate - and then it crashes and the money flows. It's that easy to undermine the rule of law. The damaged car is then driven to an appraiser and money is collected from the insurance company. The vehicle is made makeshift and it goes on. Quite legal, illegal cheating. You have to know that something like this is even possible.

The same thing happens in child and youth welfare throughout Germany, in Austria and in Switzerland

The same thing happens in child and youth welfare throughout Germany. The basis for MASSEN KINDERKLAU are the amendments in SGB VIII by Ursula von der Leyen, then Family Minister (CDU). Incidentally, she is the daughter of a politician with a dubious vita. Frau von der Leyen has not only brought about one blatant change, but several. Presumably she did not set the special course herself, but your "advisor". These are the types who hang around in the Bundestag and prescribe laws and submit them to one or the other politician and at the same time get millions for it as "advisers".

That means that it is not the politicians who usually make our laws, but the cartels that bribe our politicians, that is to say "advise". These consultants were and still are e.g. DIAKONIE, CARITAS, AWO, German Red Cross and many other corporations who "help" our families and "save" our babies, children and adolescents "tap unbelievably high sums of money.

The amendment of SGB VIII by Ms. Ursula von der Leyen has not only given criminals in youth welfare in Germany a tool with which one could pry open a window, no, it is a whole workshop with which everyone in youth welfare, so to speak entitled to leave or do anything. 

Up to these "Leinschen amendments", the youth welfare office had to apply to the court for a so-called taking into care AND to give reasons In other words, the youth welfare office had to prove to the parents that you made a terrific mistake. That was almost never possible. Because it's very rare, parents who fail completely. Only when the court gave the green light could the child be taken into custody. After the amendments by Ursula von der Leyen, it was completely different. The youth welfare office has become a "special court" through the back door and can decide for itself whether or not to be taken into care and can later request an "okay" from the court. And the okay always comes! With this amendment, Ms. von der Leyen has definitely brought our society a step further towards dictatorship and opened the door to criminals. Because we have criminals everywhere in society, and of course also in German child and youth welfare, who are unscrupulous and shamelessly abusing the completely changed legal situation. Here society definitely needs to play a role of reverse value.

The Lacour family got into trouble through the completely crazy behavior of the youth welfare office in Holzminden, through no fault of their own. The Holzminden youth welfare office is apparently not aware of any guilt. On the contrary. The youth welfare office now acts as if you were the victims and the parents and people who help the family “perpetrators”….

The almost adult young woman Sophie will continue to be held. The baby was taken into care according to a report by a woman from a facility that portrays the 16-year-old as almost completely incapable. That means: There was absolutely no real reason to brutally tear the baby away from Sophie and separate mother and baby.

Die Mutter von Sophie Lacour, Tanja Lacour mit einem Ihrer Babys / Sophie Lacour's mother, Tanja Lacour with one of her babies

Politicians must finally intervene here and discuss these grievances. It must not be that apparently youth welfare office victims are threatened, coerced and treated like criminals, while the state is massively protective in front of people who are obviously snotty lying to the courts and judges.

It looks like the first judge at the Holzminden district court was lied to by Mrs. S. Holzminden's youth welfare office. It was constructed and a "danger" was apparently invented from front to back.

Yes, the Detmold public prosecutor's office is investigating, but as always in the last 20 years, the same thing will most likely happen: “The public prosecutor's office is investigating the matter. But after a short time he realizes: The actions of the youth welfare office employees are great! There is nothing that could have gone wrong. Then the public prosecutor's office begins to investigate the victims and comes to the conclusion: yes, the victims are the perpetrators. Why should it be any different in this case?

Familie Lacour - The family is innocently persecuted by the youth welfare office, German courts and the police, and has recently been "criminalized".

The costs that are now being passed on to the family amount to an insane amount of around 10,000 euros per month. You have to imagine that, a young woman who is very pregnant for no real reason is literally abducted from her apartment by one of the institutions.

Then the baby is quasi fetched and one immediately realizes: the young mother is completely incapable and therefore the baby has to go to "foster parents". What has become of this country? North Korea? USSR? Where are people picked up from their homes and brought to camps or facilities for their protection?

Up to 500 babies, children and adolescents every day

The so-called youth welfare organization ( Jugendamt / Jugendwohlfahrt ) has lost all control and acts as if in a frenzy, a power frenzy. After all, a youth welfare office employee is allowed to say virtually anything, edit it and also put it in writing, which then results in babies, children and young people coming to camp or to nephews, cousins ​​or best friends (foster parents).

The parents are then not only rid of their children, no, on top of all that, they are completely financially ruined for the rest of their lives! How does the poor Lacour family, for example, want to raise these 10,000 euros a month? And anyway, why do you need such a fortune from the taxpayer every month? The corporations quasi collect the money from the taxpayer immediately and the state, as trustee, later collects the money from the victims of this terror. Sophie's parents were portrayed as drug addicts and alcoholics by a Ms. S. from the Holzminden youth welfare office. It is also said that her apartment smells of "urine". All lies!

ali ria ashley freelance journalist / writer / blogger

The family needs support. You can give yours in loyal hands here. Donations are forwarded directly to the innocent family persecuted by this state.

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Purpose: Free the children, SOPHIE

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Josef Heidenreich
Jul 19, 2021

Mit ein paar Feststellungsklagen hätte der LICHTBLICK - Verein für Soziale Verantwortung e.V. die Sachen schon lange aufgelöst und den Familien Mitgliedern zu ihren Grundrechten verholfen. Erkennt Ihr denn SATAN im Doll Kostüm nicht?

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